What is the Kyocera Cloud Connect app?

kyocera cloud connect app


You may have already heard or read about Kyocera’s new software solution – HyPAS apps, but to make it that little bit clearer, we’re going to take a closer look at each individual application on offer – starting with the Kyocera Cloud Connect app.

A key part of the HyPAS solutions on offer, the Kyocera Cloud Connect app enables users to retrieve and print files in Evernote and Google Drive, directly from any Kyocera Multifunction Printer that is HyPAS-enabled.

As well as being able to print from cloud-based services, the Kyocera Cloud Connect app also allows users to upload scanned files straight to Evernote and Google Drive – straight from the MFP, without needing a computer.

The Kyocera Cloud Connect app makes turning paper documents into digital files – and vice versa – easy to do. By simply logging in directly from a compatible multifunction printer, users can browse their files, print or scan and save – the app frees you from the ties of conventional file printing, saving and sharing.

With the Kyocera Cloud Connect app, you can get access to your stored file at any time, no matter where you are.  It also frees up valuable mobile device memory and eliminates the need for hard copies of files – ideal for any office that’s running low on storage space.

Also, as both Evernote and Google Drive support a wide range of file formats, including JPEG, PDF and TIFF, you will have all bases covered when it comes to printing and scanning.

Overall, the Kyocera Cloud Connect app is an easy, secure way in which to retrieve, print and scan using a Kyocera MFP.

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  1. How can possible that kyocera copier is connected with app? If its true that,s great News and now we can easily work.we have no face to service call!.

    1. Hi

      As long as the Kyocera machine in question is HyPAS enabled, you should be able to install Cloud Connect. Follow the link below for more information.


      We hope this helps.

      Printerbase team.

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