Impika reveal ambitious plans for Xerox inkjet printers

xerox inkjet printersIt has been revealed that Xerox inkjet printers are to be an integral part of Xerox’s future plans – with the company targeting a leading position in the market.

The inkjet printer market is currently experiencing a huge growth, with plenty more to come, and Xerox inkjet printers are to be developed even further to allow Xerox to compete.

Xerox have a goal to generate more than 60% of revenues from services by 2017 and the ambition to use Xerox inkjet printers to achieve that was hinted at during the recent official opening of an inkjet innovation centre for Xerox’s new subsidiary Impika, a French inkjet technology developer.

Highlighting the vision for Xerox inkjet printers, a huge $53 million was invested to acquire and expand the inkjet development facilities.

At the opening event, Xerox’s CEO, Ursula Burns, commented that, although Xerox print and documents business is smaller than its services operations, they believe that penetration and value creation to be the most important part of their plans.

Burns also said that the company is willing to make more acquisitions in the graphic communications field in order to develop the same class of portfolio in Xerox inkjet printers as it has in Xerography.

Impika’s founder, and now chief operating officer for Xerox inkjet printers, Paul Morgavi pointed out that, currently, digital printing accounts for just 2% of the overall print market.  However, experts have predicted that inkjet printers have the potential to take up more than 50% of the overall market – providing an incredible opportunity for Xerox inkjet printers.

To take full advantage of this great opportunity, Impika and Xerox are planning to respond to the specific needs of customers as they develop brand new product lines using inkjet technology.  Morgavi revealed that new products will be launched in the roll-to-sheet business, including an expansion into the cut-sheet segment.