Happy 20th Birthday Samsung!

Image: Happy 20th Birthday Samsung

That’s right, Samsung have reached their 20th year within the printer market and we’d like to wish them a Happy Birthday.

Samsung joined the printer arena relatively late but have quickly caught up (and in many respects overtaken) and now produce an extremely impressive range of both printers and multifunction machines. Unlike most other printer manufacturers, Samsung develop their own machines from the ground up, manufacturing all the electrical components themselves (such as RAM and processor), which gives them a distinct advantage. For instance, they are the first manufacturer to incorporate dual core processors into some of their range, allowing them to completely wipe the floor with the competition.

For the Samsung enthusiasts out there it should be noted that Samsung have a policy of not rebadging any other manufacturer’s products so if you buy a Samsung, you know you’re actually getting a Samsung. Interestingly, if you buy a Dell, Ricoh or Xerox machine there is a good chance you could in fact be buying a Samsung, which isn’t a bad thing!

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