Get rewarded for buying Xerox printer supplies!

Buying printer supplies just got a lot more fun with Xerox’s new loyalty programme.

Xerox Genuine Rewards awards you points which are redeemable for more than 3 million items—including music and movie downloads, gift cards, fashion items & homewares, travel credits, Xerox equipment, charitable donations and more—simply for buying authentic Xerox consumables.

Registering for Xerox Genuine Rewards is fast and easy, and you’ll immediately earn a bonus 1,000 points just for enrolling. Plus, you’re awarded an additional 100 points for each eligible printer or multifunction printer registered, and one point for every pound spent on Xerox supplies.

The programme also validates the authenticity of the Xerox supplies you purchase, ensuring you’re buying the very best supplies for your printer or MFP – not low-quality counterfeit items that jeopardise print quality and device reliability.

We realise everyone buys supplies in different ways; so we’ve designed Genuine Xerox Rewards to let you:

  • Accumulate points no matter how you purchase supplies, including from Xerox partners, resellers, retail stores or eCommerce websites
  • Direct your rewards as gifts to family and friends
  • Use rewards to motivate work teams or donate them to charities
  • Collect extra points by participating in other activities on the rewards website
  • Keep your points as long as you remain active in the programme

Visit Xerox Genuine Rewards and start collecting today.

1 Amount of rewards may vary in different participating countries
2 For eligible equipment only