Fuji Xerox robot printer brings documents to you

fuji xerox robot printerA Fuji Xerox robot printer that can move around an office or lounge to bring documents to the person that printed them has been developed by the document management company.

Designed as a way to keep sensitive documents private when printing in public places, the Fuji Xerox robot printer has sensors on the machine to prevent it from bumping into people and objects on its way to a destination.

One place that the Fuji Xerox robot printer can be used in is a airport lounge, which is why it has been tested by the firm at a business lounge in Tokyo.

Each desk in the lounge is given a unique web address, from which users can access and upload their documents.  The Fuji Xerox robot printer, which has a battery that lasts up to a day, will then make its way over to the desk, allowing the recipient to scan a smart card which activates the printing.

It has been primarily designed for public places such as an airport business lounge, where each desk is given a unique web address for users to access and upload documents. The printer then travels over to the recipient, who has to scan a smart card to activate the printing.

However, the eye-catching Fuji Xerox robot printer has not impressed everyone, with analysts claiming that the concept is not cost-effective – particularly as there are other secure printing methods available.

“The majority of these business lounges would have higher printing demand, especially from business travellers who always need to print urgently using a secured method.” IDC analyst Maggie Tan told the BBC.

“There are several mobile printing solutions available today that users can submit the print job online through their mobile devices or laptops and they are given a secured password to collect their printouts.”

Bryan Ma, also from IDC, complimented the idea behind the Fuji Xerox robot printer, but went along with his colleague’s opinion in terms of its practicality.

“Sounds like something very unique to Japan. One might even argue that it seems more like technology for technology’s sake.”

What do you think of the Fuji Xerox robot printer?  Would you use one in your office?