Epson PrecisionCore production to be increased

epson precisioncoreThe production of Epson PrecisionCore inkjet print heads is to be increased, with Epson investing around £58 million at its sites in Japan.

Epson PrecisionCore, which began to be produced in June last year, is a thin-film piezo print head technology that combines Epson’s core inkjet technology and its advanced microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology.

The printer manufacturer claim that Epson PrecisionCore, which is described as ‘laser-beating technology’, has the ability to completely revolutionise inkjet printing, as it has the capability of working to its maximum effect in both commercial and industrial businesses – offering genuine quality of print and impressive speeds.

Epson PrecisionCore print heads benefit from having nozzles that are individually directed, making the technology capable of controlling both the volume and shape of the ink droplets at a rate of 50,000 times a second per nozzle.

Japan is where Epson PrecisionCore print heads are developed and produced, which is a strategic move by Epson.  They are hoping to continue building their technological expertise for the next generation of inkjet print heads – which, in turn, will make the production sites in Japan even more competitive.

This significant addition to the Epson PrecisionCore production capacity is seen as a huge step for the company, as it is believed that it could consolidate their presence as a major influence on the inkjet printer market.

With the power and ongoing potential of Epson PrecisionCore technology, the company are hoping to increase the growth of their printer business and stimulate competitiveness.

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