Change your font and save on print costs

Printers are still a must-have device, whether you’re printing a report in the office or getting your boarding passes sorted at home – it’s vital to have access to a printer.

However, the main concern when it comes to using a printer is always the cost of printing.  Everyone is always looking to save money – and, here at Printerbase, we’re always happy to offer help and advice that will assist in cutting the cost of printing.

We all know that printers are a huge part of the office, though, with plenty of services now offering a print-at-home option for tickets and passes, they have become vital in the home, too.  If you need to bring down your print costs to justify owning your own printer, then we have a great tip for you.

One way in which you can save money is to select a font that uses less ink during the printing process.

Ecofont Vera Sans is a typeface that allows for less ink to be used when printing as it has lots of tiny holes in each letter – saving up to 28% of your ink!  The holes in the font are pretty much invisible, too, making it ideal for general office or home use.

Of course, you wouldn’t use the Ecofont Vera Sans typeface for a wedding invitation or formal document, but for everything else, it is completely fine.

Eco Vera Sans is free to download and use at your leisure – so, there’s no initial cost involved, either!

To download the font, visit the Ecofont Vera Sans download page, which you can find here.

Enter your name and e-mail address, then click the green download button to get typeface before installing the files into your local font folder.

Once the font is installed on your computer, you can use it with any of your document programmess to save money when you print.

If you need some help installing the font onto your computer, check out the tutorial guides below:

Windows Vista

Windows 7 or 8