Canon joins 3D Printing Association

The 3D Printing Association [3DPA] have recently announced that Canon have joined their community of 3D print developers and distributors.

Earlier this year, Canon entered the 3D print industry through a distribution agreement with 3D Systems for the UK and Europe.

However, they have since announced their first foray into 3D printing through their introduction of a new resin-based technology, which is thought to be able to provide superior print strength and a fast production process than any other technology.

Christopher Blake, EMEA sales and marketing director, 3D printing at Canon, who has joined 3DPA’s European board, said: “Our approach is based on simple core principles; we want to offer the best solutions, with the best service, knowledge and support in the 3D printing industry both today and in the future.

“To this end, we have entered into a partnership in EMEA with 3D Systems to offer its leading technology together with Canon’s exceptional sales and service experience to create a compelling proposition for our customers.”

Ian Ferguson, membership director of the 3DPA, added: “By joining the association Canon Europe demonstrates its commitment to the industry and we look forward to working with them and all our members to improve understanding of the technology, help with awareness and education and influence the regulatory environment.”