3D print plans to be unveiled by HP

HP have hinted that they plan to outline their future 3D print plans in June, as they look to enter the commercial 3D printing market.

The manufacturer, who have longed been tipped to venture in 3D print, have also revealed that the technical problems that have held back the adoption of the 3D print manufacturing process have been solved.

Shareholders have been informed by Chief executive, Meg Whitman, that a “big technology announcement” will be made in June, which will explain how HP plans to approach the exciting 3D print market.

However, 3D print hasn’t been warmly received by all – with many critics accusing the technology of being over-hyped and insisting that it is nowhere near ready for a widespread roll out to consumers.

Whitman seemingly dismissed this doubt, though, claiming that HP’s in-house researchers have worked on and resolved the various limitations to do with the quality of substrates used in the process, which has been affecting the durability of 3D printed products.

“We actually think we’ve solved these problems,” Whitman told an annual shareholders meeting. “The bigger market is going to be in the enterprise space.”

HP executives have estimated that worldwide sales of 3D printers and other 3D print-related software and services will rise from 2012’s $2.2 billion to almost $11 billion by 2021.

“HP is currently exploring the many possibilities of 3D printing and the company will play an important role in its development,” CTO and HP Labs director, Martin Fink, said in a blogpost on HP’s website.

“The fact is that 3D printing is really still an immature technology, but it has a magical aura. The sci-fi movie idea that you can magically create things on command makes the idea of 3D printing really compelling for people.”