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VIDEO: 3D Printer made from e-waste

Top marks to Kodjo Afate Gnikou, of the West African country Togo, who has created a cheap, DIY 3D printer out of various parts of electronic waste from junk yards.

The resourceful 33-year-old inventor, who is part of WoeLab, a hackerspace in the city of Lomé, sourced most of his material from a junk yard in Lomé, though he did have to buy a few parts - using crowd funding for his innovative, and very impressive, project.

Overall, the printer ended up costing Gnikou approximately $100 - a vast difference to the thousands usually spent on those type of machines.

Discussing his hopes for his new invention, Gnikou told euronews, "My dream is to give young people hope and to show that Africa, too, has its place on the global market when it comes to technology."

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