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Printing on Heavy Media

Printing on heavy media? Perhaps for a brochure, or a postcard or maybe a banner or a light card box design? There’s lots of reasons why you may need to do this and once you have the right ingredients, it’ll be a doddle! So lets look at what you need and what things you need to consider t ... Read More

Dell Printers No Longer Available

If you wanted a Dell printer, then you’re out of luck. The computer technology company is fully scaling back its imaging business and printers will be one of the departments cut. As reported by The Register, Dell printers will stop being sold altogether in the EMEA and Asia-Pacific.

< ... Read More

What is a solid ink printer?

Solid wax ink technology was created and patented by Xerox many years ago. This unique, award-winning system substitutes the classic canister of ink with an innovatively designed block of black or coloured wax, which is then melted and transferred onto the media.

Capable of producing sup ... Read More

What is duplex printing?

When buying a new printer, what are the key features that are most important to you? Impressive print speeds? Colour output? Low running costs?

As with everything else in life, we all have our own preferences when it comes to printers, but one of the most common sought-after features now ... Read More

Celebrating 177 years of photo printing!

Today marks the 177-year anniversary of photo printing and to celebrate, we want you to stop sharing, and start printing!

In that 177 years, photo printing has undergone some pretty drastic changes. Way back when, the art of photo printing was actually a lot more complex ... Read More

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